The mission of the INSTITUTE  could well be described in one PARAGRAPH:-

"ASIAN INSTITUTE OF GOAT AND SHEEP FARMING AND RESEARCH  is established to set an example before the Indians that the Goat farming on modern and scientific lines could be a commercially viable activity and this has a tremendous potential of providing jobs to the unemployed rural and urban public and also the potential of producing nutritious food, Leather and other products many times than the present, if this activity is encouraged and brought to the international standard,& CREATE SELF EMPLOYMENT


India has a typical practice of trading the goats live either directly to consumers, roaming small butchers, or in the weekly markets. Goat meat is of particular importance in Asia which consumes 65% of the goat meat produced in the world. The breeding stock fetches almost 200% prices. The other goat products are never produced by anyone or marketed. However, the demand is tremendous in India and the World Market .



ASIAN INSTITUTE OF GOAT & SHEEP FARMING AND RESEARCH is the first private Institute Established in India and Registered by the Government of Tamil Nadu  to provide Educational Services & teachings on  goat & sheep along with practical given on Live Goats Provided by the Institute to all the Students for  large scale commercial venture.

Present & projected activities of the INSTITUTE are:

1.   Two major goat farms at Ratnagiri in Maharashtra on 14 Acres of Land Admeasuring around 6,00,000/- SQ Ft   & at  Polachi in Tamil Nadu on 4 Acres of Land Admeasuring around 1,70,000/- SQ FT , Taking around 150 Students in Maharsahtra and Around 60 Students at Polachi each one taking care of One Farm each of 50 she goats and 2 male bucks

2.   We are in the process of getting over 250 Acres of Land for Further Expansion of our Institute in to Goat Farming Village with all the facilities of International Standards along with the Guidence from International Goats Association of America which will have its State of Art Laboratory for Research and Development of various Medicines and treatment for Goats.

3.   We shall be looking forward to establish branches of our Institute in All the States and U T to enable the Farmers to Learn & Earn at their own land in any part of India

4.   Institute is looking forward to carry out development and cultivation of land for fodder purpose; built goat houses to accommodate about 15,000 goats including a temperature and humidity controlled shed for experiment purpose. The goats will be looked after by the Students under the supervision of the best of veterinary doctors.

5.    Goat & Sheep  feed will be manufactured at our Own Land at Various places in our country   

6.    Goat manure collected is composted and marketed under brand name.

7.   A small, modern and hygienic slaughter house will be built after approval from Gram Panchayat at Various Locations in India .

8.   The Institute is shortly opening chain outlets for sale of mutton (goat & sheep meat) for the Students to ensure Continued Employment and Premium Price for the mutton produced by our Students under their Training & on Self Employment after Training all over India starting from Ratnagiri & Polachi .

9.   A large-scale Boer goat production project will be shortly taken up by the Institute in the Konkan area (West coast) and Tamil Nadu East Coast.

10.  Tannery units and rendering plants shall be established by the company with the modern abattoirs at Ratnagiri & Polachi for export of meat and leather.

11.  Institutes training center will be built with boarding and lodging arrangements for 150 Students at Ratnagiri and Around 60 Students at Polachi.

12. Practical goat management training will be imparted to the students from all over India. Special short term training courses will be conducted for rural women & they will be  given goats for rearing by the institute for gainful employment. 

13.  Asian Institute of Goat & Sheep Farming & Research will have a separate department called Consultancy division where Guidance will be given to individuals Guidance is given to the individuals and the firms or companies on commercial goat farming. 


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